Antwerpen, Belgium

About us

Say Hello to My Galaxy
Lajjaish is the galaxy that has many spheres like Travel , Fashion , Interior Design which includes many stories about small things like food,people,culture.
I am very fond of documenting things i like and to share it with my family and friends,this is how I came up with an idea of online journal which is known as Blog.
Travel for me is not just about luxury but also to explore the place as a local . I like to explore it in the best way i can . Fashion for me is something that represents you and your presence without speaking a word about yourself. Being an Interior Designer by profession ,I am always attracted to the design of the spaces and start analyzing it with an eye of an Interior Designer.
Some of the things that I love to keep repeating:Dance , Music that sparks my soul,designing outfits and different spaces , learning new things , photography , sketching ,writing , desserts .
You can connect to me and my stories through Instagram,Facebook,pinterest,Twitter.