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Denim and jean trends for the next season.

The trends for denim I would like to follow for the next season.

Summer is about to say ‘bye-bye’ and so are we to our summer clothes. Just like sundresses are for summers, fall gives a call to denim.

Jeans are something which never goes out of style. Denim plays as the most comfortable and accessible product from the wardrobe, according to my opinion. If I have to go somewhere on a short notice I will open my wardrobe to just grab a denim and a top. It is not only for some casual meets but it also works on some special meets. It’s upon us what do we match it with? for eg: colors, footwear,tops, hairdo etc.

The most common and basic denim is slim fit jeans. But it’s time to move on from slim fits to flared bottoms, culottes etc.
After a lot of research and referring to many fashion shows, here I have documented some denim trends and style that we can follow for the next season.I would really like to wear different styles of denim like flared,culottes etc.Here I have some images for you to refer.

1.Flared Denim

Most trendy for this season

Move on to Flared bottoms. First 2 are from Mango and the last one is from Zara. Try to combine it with the short tops and high heels .

2.Marine Straight Denim

This one is kind of my favorite denim for this season . Straight from Zara. I personally like the black color in this denim . If you are short you should definitely try this denim.

3.High Waist Corset Denim

The High Waist Corset Denim

The game changer for this season. This is the one I am surely going to try and I suggest for you guys too. It seems to be really stylish denim too.

4.Hustler Sidewinder Denim

Be ready to spot some open legs

Be ready to show some legs for this fall . Try this denim with some super cool footwear as it’s going to be visible and could make a style statement too .

5.Roundabout leg Denim

roundabout leg denim


The first one is from Urban Outfitters.To try this style I will buy the first one for sure and that’s why I’ve attached the link to it .

6. Culottes,Double color and High Rise Pleated Denim

Try some of this . The one that I am going to buy after seeing it for sure is the third one with double color effect . It is from G-Star Raw .

I hope this blog can be useful for you guys . If you are inspired do share this with your friends and family . If you guys try any of this do upload the picture on Instagram with #lajjaish . I would be very happy to read your comments and ideas.



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