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Dress up like everyday is a Party

In my first blog about Fashion ,I want to write and remind everyone that life is a party and dress like it.

“Life is a party dress like it” – Audrey Hepburn

Style is something that displays your personality.Dressing up well is a sign of well-mannered person.Its the beginning of the year and we always begin the year with “The New Year Resolutions”.I began my year with the resolution of dressing up well everyday.

Who says the Party Season is over? Here I am wearing a dress with one of my favorite colour .The dress that gives the party feel .Well, the story behind this dress is really interesting.I couldn’t wear this dress anywhere till now as I was waiting for the right moment to wear it ,so I created a moment for it specially and begin the Fashion Blogs with it :).

I always like to experiment different things ,neckpiece that I am wearing here is the traditional Indian Necklace which i confidently wore on this dress and loved it too.

The dress is from Cottons (Boutique from Antwerp), Shoes from Bershka ,Necklace from one of the very famous streets of Surat.


Whenever I feel cold my first choice is a denim shirt or jacket and even here I am carrying denim shirt which is from Bershka and my favorite bag with the world map on it.

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Lajja wish u the best for new year n life ahead.
Very simple n nice post . U look pretty as always.
I always show ur 👗 to my friends as the once u wear looks to beautiful on u .
Keep doing good work n m sure u LL get many followers…

Hey, Thank you very much for your support ,I am really glad to read this.

beautiful beginning…. Looking preety as always….. Best wishes….. ❤❤❤😊😊😊

hey,thank you very much .. keep Supporting

Great work Lajja !! Keep up 👍

Hey thank you very much , I hope you always support me .

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