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Hair Accessories Trends for 2018

Hair Accessories also plays very vital role in fashion trends

The reason why I am saying that Hair Accessories is going to be very important part of fashion trends this season is after seeing and analyzing some photographs of 2018 Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection from Paris Fashion Week in January.

Chanel’s collection from haute couture 2018

 Metal Headbands

After seeing the images of the models  during Chanel , most of us will realize the importance of hair accessories for this season . Headbands with metal leaves on it attracted me the most ,which is very subtle and delicate . Such fine and exquisite headbands can add more grace to your looks.


Dolce & Gabbana’s models during Fashion Week

Headbands with Stones

Hair Accessories can completely change your whole look .In the image above models are wearing the headbands with the colorful stones in it . This kind of band is really good for party looks .


At Alexander Wang from Paris Fashion Week

Headbands with Feathers

Here are some of my favorite who are giving some serious Hair Accessories goals for coming up Festival season . I am so looking forward to try this kind of bands in this festival season.

Well,I am going to experiment varieties of headbands this season and what about you guys …

Do leave the comment and try some headbands and tag me on Instagram #lajjaish . I would love hear from you guys..

See you soon…

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Hi Lajja,
I like your headband variety. But the most I like is the stone Headband. As this kind of headband differentiates me from other with shinning in stone, and uniqueness. I would like to know headband for a bride and some party look. If you don’t mind please write the article on it as well.

Hey Shophie,
I am really glad that you liked it ,had some issue with my site so couldn’t reply you . I will come up with an article about bride’s headbands for sure and I hope it might help you still . Thank you .

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