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Difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

People are always confused about an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator . Being an Interior Designer, have come across to many people who don’t the difference between these two and often mistake by hiring the wrong professional . They end up spending more and compromising on what they want .

What is Interior Design

It is an art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within the building . As an interior designer , a person identifies ,researches and creatively solves problems pertaining to the functions and quality of the space.Interior Designer apply technical solutions to each and every small things .

What is Interior Decorating

It is an art of furnishing or adorning a space by adding beautiful things in it . Interior Decorator is responsible for the selection of the object , color , patterns, tapestry etc..Interior Decorators don’t involve themselves in the process of structural changes and space planning in renovation.

What is an Interior Design and an Interior Decorating

Who is an Interior Designer

A professional with a specific schooling and formal training . An interior designer is a person with the qualification which includes knowledge about many technical solutions.An interior designer has to possess a wide range of abilities and artistic talent . There are other characteristics like:

  • Physiological Insight
  • Analysis of the problem
  • Flexibility
  • Visual communication
  • Love of detail and accuracy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Meeting the Deadlines

Who is an Interior Decorator

Interior decorator don’t need schooling or any professional training because  they focus more on aesthetic part then on technical part.


who is an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

Role of an Interior Designer

Interior design is not only an art but it is also a science and technology . An Interior designer encompasses the fields traversed by an architect, engineer,psychologist,graphic designer,furniture designer,decorator and a host of other professions .The profession includes problem definition and analysis ,space planning , specifications of all interior furnishings and finishes ,and coordination of all installations.All this require technical knowledge.

Role of an Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator help the client to get the space into the shape by deciding the color scheme,style ,furniture and accessories . They often get into the space which needs to be updated and redone .

Role of an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

Skills of an Interior Designer

Designer needs to have software skills which is the most important part in today’s world . They visualize and make 3ds of the space with all the possibilities . Ergonomics and anthropometry are the important elements of Interior Design .

Skills of an Interior Decorator

A person who has a skill to identify the right color to match with the space . The right knowledge about the tapestries .

Skills of an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

Whom should you Hire

It depends on your needs . If there are structural changes you need to make with your space like breaking of the walls , space planning , moving the windows , plumbing & electricity .. you need an Interior Designer . If you need to add a new paint or new tapestries to your existing interiors you need an interior decorator .

I am sure after reading this blog you will get some idea about an Interior designer and an Interior decorator . You can decide whom to hire for your space and whom to consult according to your need .



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