Antwerpen, Belgium

Maternity – The whole new chapter in everyone’s life.

Here I am coming up with the whole new part of my life. There are many topics which we are not aware of. Staying alone (away from family) teaches you many things.

There will be many difficult times that will test you to the core. It will either weaken your relationship or strengthen it. In our case, it helped us to make our bond much stronger than before. We supported each other for everything. We started feeling that it’s good we are alone. This period helped us to spend maximum time together and connecting a lot on everything.

There are many couples who stay alone away from their family. It’s my own experience that I will share and experiences of my friends around me. I use to google each and every smallest thing and of course. It started by seeing the symptoms of being pregnant even before that how to take care of ownself before pregnancy.

Maternity is not only about pregnancy but it includes many different subjects like Food, nutrition, moods, technologies (especially APPS), arranging baby showers, traveling, maternity fashion and many more things.

There are many apps which helps you track the important days to get pregnant and many apps which shows you the growth and development of your baby every week. I would like to highly recommend using apps which can be any app because all of them almost works in the same way.

Many such things that I would like to share here which might help many couples who live far from their loved ones. They are always just one phone call away from us but still, you will not call for some smallest thing and also the time differences play an important part in our life.

Coming with many topics which I am aware of. I would like to get questions which you guys would like to read.

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