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Old streets from Surat

I have a habit of collecting everything wherever i go which includes photographs,sketches and short write-up.

Surat is the place where I was born and always feel that I have so many things from Surat to share with the world .After finishing my studies in Interior Architecture ,heritage buildings and architecture inspired by different stories started attracting me the most.I found many such historical stories and heritage buildings in Surat too.

Rander is one of the oldest streets from Surat which has many historical stories buried in it.Surat was known for its Port in history.There was some belief that Rander was an important port of Western Hind.During AD 200 there were many Jain temples were built around Rander. Here I have included some of the photographs which are the part of heritage buildings.

A mosque at Limdaoli

Hari Masjid,which is standing still on One pillar

Streets of Rander

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Nice write up with really good clicks…
Each photo here compliment so well ( the place n u ).
Travel the world n share with us…

Thank you again.I am really excited to share many things from the world.

Lovely work..!! So muvh beauty in one picture.

Thank you very much ..I hope you always there to support me …

Simply & amazingly described surat’s heritage essence. Happy to read this.. great going keep blogging 😊👍 wish you all the success and happiness 😎✌

I’m also from Surat and I really liked your pictures and the location tho!!
:* #OldSurat of course one of the best part of City!! 🙂 and my favorite too

I am glad you liked it , I was in Surat for less days so couldn’t cover much part of it but next time when I am there , will be covering more of old Surat and stories after it.

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