Antwerpen, Belgium

Restaurants for vegetarians , if you are planning to visit Antwerp .

Are you planning a trip to Antwerp ?? Are you confused with what to eat and more importantly where to eat as a vegetarian ?? Well, Here I have some recommendations for you guys. I am sure this will be helpful and also if you are Jain and looking for pure Jain food in Antwerp. This city has a variety of cuisine and I am fond of it. Here I have the list of the restaurants.

The one I started loving after coming to Antwerp and I crave for it .

Lebanese :

I love falafel and also other lebanese dishes.I am recommending 3 eatery places here:

Beni Falafel – Order for Hummus complete .(comes with hummus , falafel bullets , salad and pita ) preferable

– Falafel (which comes with Salad , hummus , bullets all of these comes in Pita)

Napos  –   Order for  Stuffed Mushrooms with Feta , Zartar Bread , Baba Ganoush , Fatoush salad and Hummus. (preferable because of the view)

Finjan –    Order for Mushrooms , Zartar Bread , Hummus complete .

Italian :

San Remo  – Very famous among Indians staying in Antwerp . I love the Pasta here (Pesto with Pink sauce ).The Pizzas are very famous here and you can find Jain food also here.

Bella Capri – Order for Saute mushrooms for sure . I prefer to order Aglio Olio Pasta here . This restaurant is in the old town so you can go around and then plan for a dinner .

Du Nord – Even here you can order Saute Mushrooms . I would prefer to go for this restaurant as this is located right in the centre of the main square , where you can see The Brabo Statue.

De Roma –  Here I have provided you guys with the location of it . This is my favorite among all . Order for the started with the Mushrooms with the Bread (I forgot the name ). The Pesto Pasta is the best here .

Chinese :

After shifting to Antwerp I got so much indulged into Chinese Cuisine. Now, I don’t like to eat Chinese in India.

Ho Chan – Order for Dimsum for sure . There are many varieties here which you ask for .Just ask the person attending you to help you order the food what all Indians order here. Well I love the Noodles , Ginger and Garlic Rice , Veggies in gravy with Tofu , Water chestnuts and cashew nuts . You can also try the veggie wraps and yes do order the Special Sauce that they have .

Tong Mein – This is my favorite for Chinese food because it was the heritage house converted into a small restaurant.You can place the same order as above .

Thai :

Lucy Chang – Order for Pad Thai , Sticky Rice and Green Curry(spicy) with veggies and Tofu or Yellow Curry .

Sushi :

Zao Wang – The best Sushi you will have . Order for Edamame and the boat of sushi with different varieties in it . Do mention to add fry sushi in it .

Diamond Sushi – It is in the diamond market . The Empire Shopping complex . You can order same as above .

Indian :

Annapurna -If you want to try Indian , definitely this the option.

Mission Masala – If you want to try something different you should surely try this place . Only one drawback of this place is that they have very less options for Vegetarian .


I hope this is helpful for the people planning a trip to Antwerp .


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